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Hi there,

First, let me introduce myself… I am Jose Gramillo, 28, and I live in Kansas City, Kansas and yes, I am a Chiefs, Royals, Jayhawks, and Sporting KC fan (hope I didn’t lose you… Ha ha). I recently finished college with a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, so I am familiar with some IT jargon and mnemonics like “Please Do Not Throw Sausage Pizza Away” or “All People Seem To Need Data Processing.”

During the years of college, I always asked myself of what did I want to do after graduation? Well, I wanted to work for a company where I could use my degree and expand my knowledge within the field. Though, most companies want you to have years of experience. I did not have that. I still applied to multiple jobs in hopes of getting that chance or foot in the door, but have not heard from anyone, yet. Not hearing from employers does not make me feel discourage nor does it make me feel unwanted, but instead, it makes me feel more determined into gaining that experience throughout side work, interactions with others via the internet, or helping others from the knowledge I gained in school.

Help me, help you

I am here today because I want to engage a conversation with individuals who are ambitious, have goals, and those who want to connect. I also want to write for those who may need help whether it’s an individual who is new to the IT world, someone who wants to succeed in IT, or someone who needs advice.

My posts will consist of a variety of topics that relate to Information Technology. As I continue to learn more in-depth of IT, I will be able to share that with you and help you if you ever need help.

Lastly, I hope this website will be fun for you to enjoy and you visit when you can. I welcome your visits. I encourage you to comment, send emails with any questions you may have, or reach out if you have any thoughts. I’m an open-minded person that can accept any suggestions anyone may have and I’ll try my best to provide content that will help you.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy a cup of Java!


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