April Update

Hello my Tech Savvy friends!!

Have you been watching the Zuckerberg news lately? I don’t know what to think. This whole time I thought Facebook was a legitimate site where our information was protected, but it is not.

What can we really learn from this? Use an alternative site to keep our info protected? Or should we continue to use it?

I believe this is only going to get bigger and more companies out there will refrain their employees of using FB within their network.

I think this can definitely cause a security issue.  What’s your thoughts on this?

I’ll try my best to keep a post weekly, but with my new job it will be a challenge.

See you guys in the Matrix!

2018 – The year to accomplish goals

Hello there my tech friends!

It’s been awhile since I have posted, since August. During the months of September to December I was working and trying to save money to get certifications, but that adult life. There wasn’t much going on during these months, which was why I didn’t post anything till now.

In other news, I recently been doing some research on the new trends in the Information Technology world and must say it is intriguing and exciting. I mean, IT has always been intriguing, exciting, scary, etc.

Furthermore, I was watching a video about the “end of passwords” and think how? Would it be effective?

If we look back into 2017, Equifax, was breached in July and the hackers was able to retrieve data from 100 million plus people. This is a prime example of why companies need to find new avenues of protecting their networks from hackers.

I feel that data breaches will continue to happen for the foreseeable future and we are only a month into 2018. It is time for big and small companies to step up their game to prevent these breaches from happening and to find vulnerabilities within their networks.

Learning about being an ethical hacker is crucial in protecting yourself from cyber-attacks and companies who think of “oh, it will never happen to us” are the ones most likely to be breached. I feel like this is a growing concern and it affects all of us.

I would hope that companies would take this into consideration for this year to protect themselves.

Feel free to comment or share your thoughts on this never-ending topic

What an August!

Greetings techs old & new!

How has this month treated you?

To those affected by Hurricane Harvey, I hope that you are well & happy to be alive during this horrific time. I wouldn’t know how to feel if I were in this situation & I’m sure all of you never asked to be in it. Stay happy & just know that everything will be alright!

As we turn another month in our calendar, we must stay on task of goals & strive to achieve them. Have you visited the Udemy website? Every now & then they have deals on every topic. I’m currently still on the same topic I have been studying on; Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch

Though, I have been busy with searching for a new job & have been helping customers from my side business. Currently I have been trying to expand my client base to grow my business but with the competition of youtube (videos), the internet, and other IT local businesses, it can be tough. Discouragement is the last thing I want to feel, instead I feel more motivated to get my business to be known and to be different.

I recently spoken with a Doctor from where I live and he provided the best advice for a young individual as myself. Have a plan. What ever it is you want to do, just make sure you have a plan and stick with it. I asked myself this question as few times after we had got done talking. I know where I want to be and I know what I want to be doing, but how would I accomplish it. The steps that I am doing now, which is having my side business, studying through Udemy is what is helping me achieve my goal.

Taking chances is what’s great about trying to reach a goal because if you failed one way to get there, then you have multiple of other chances to try to help you get one step closer to it. With the month of September just hours away I will invest more time into the course that I am taking to complete and move deeper into ethical hacking.

I’ve been thinking about signing up to reddit, to interact with more tech guru’s around the world and to get more advice in this ever-lasting IT world that I’m apart of.

Are you apart of reddit? Or any other IT-related websites? Please share them and if you have any comments, suggestions, or questions don’t hesitate to comment or email me.

Until next time my tech friends!

July Update

Hello There!!!

Hey you tech savvy friends. How you doing? Well I’m doing great, been busy lately and trying my best to write. Adult life is tough. I think I need a vacation. Sike! I can’t afford to take time off, I am too busy learning to be an ethical hacker, which is quite interesting.

In July, I have been running a lot more, been eating a lot healthier and have been trying my best to obtain knowledge within the IT world. Here soon, I am going to be studying to take an exam in the near future. Studying and learning helps you understand topics you don’t know, especially in the IT world. The things I tell customers for the job I work for is that if you can spend a whole day learning something about Information Technology, you are advancing. What I mean by advancing is that you took the time to obtain something that you didn’t think you could learn. Feeling that accomplishment should be able to motivate or light a fire to keep going.

You are never to old to learn something new!

I’ll leave this with you. Doing something because you are afraid of failure, only means that surpassing the obstacle in front of you makes the success greater.

I’ll keep up with the updates my friends. Share your thoughts on what you have learned or what you want to accomplish in IT. Don’t be afraid.

Recap of June

Hello techs and newbie’s to the Information Technology world

Month of June was exciting. As for me, I recently got a job, which is a helpdesk position that provides support in troubleshooting any issues regards to internet connectivity (modems, etc). It’s a step into the world of IT and as I mentioned before where I was struggling to get a job.  Over the month of June, I was able to gain more experience of how to troubleshoot an issue where an individual was not able to connect to internet. At the time I was in school, I had classes that provided information about command lines, such as ipconfig, netsh, and netstat. I’m able to use those commands now to help one connect back to the internet and it taught me how to handle an issue the correct way.

Aside from gaining that experience, I was able to find out about Udemy, through a co-worker, which is (in short) where you can learn step-by-step of how to’s from any subject in the IT world from instructors. Udemy has sales of purchasing a course of your desire and the one I got was for $10. That course was: Learn Ethical Hacking from Scratch. Learning this can give me a deep understanding how to prevent hacking on a network that I keep secured. As I went to college for Network Administration, this fits right into my career. Protecting a network is one thing, but being able to understand how to attack a network will definitely make you aware of how to prevent attacks.

As I am working and learning this course, I feel as if it steered me away from my website and not able to post anything. This is why I made this post to give an update of what’s going on in my life right now. As we are in full throttle in the month of July, I think that this month will be a good month to hit goals as in the past and to obtain new information within the IT world.

I’ll leave you with this, never be afraid to ask nor be afraid to set yourself apart from the others. You will be amazed at what you can do by focusing on what you want to accomplish.

Have any questions or thoughts? Email me or leave me a comment. Until next time friends!