July Update

Hello There!!!

Hey you tech savvy friends. How you doing? Well I’m doing great, been busy lately and trying my best to write. Adult life is tough. I think I need a vacation. Sike! I can’t afford to take time off, I am too busy learning to be an ethical hacker, which is quite interesting.

In July, I have been running a lot more, been eating a lot healthier and have been trying my best to obtain knowledge within the IT world. Here soon, I am going to be studying to take an exam in the near future. Studying and learning helps you understand topics you don’t know, especially in the IT world. The things I tell customers for the job I work for is that if you can spend a whole day learning something about Information Technology, you are advancing. What I mean by advancing is that you took the time to obtain something that you didn’t think you could learn. Feeling that accomplishment should be able to motivate or light a fire to keep going.

You are never to old to learn something new!

I’ll leave this with you. Doing something because you are afraid of failure, only means that surpassing the obstacle in front of you makes the success greater.

I’ll keep up with the updates my friends. Share your thoughts on what you have learned or what you want to accomplish in IT. Don’t be afraid.