Security. We all need it!

The technology world that we are living in today consist of two things: Cyber attacks and Security. There are many people who tend to break the law in stealing another’s information online. Many people are vulnerable to cyber attacks and the question that seems to be asked is: ‘How can someone steal from me’?

The answer: Security.

Security goes along way and is a form of defense that has been utilized for years and not within the internet, but within a military, business, and home. Why not protect your online activities? Everyone want to be secured and protected.

Anyone who uses the internet should be able to feel especially if they are online shopping or paying bills. Most people do this to save time from driving or sitting in traffic. Who likes traffic?

Look at the major companies like Apple and Microsoft. Apple has built-in security so it does not require their customers to purchase a third party vendor to secure them. Microsoft does provide built-in security, but often their product do not have it and that requires a third party vendor purchase.

I, myself use a third party vendor such as Zonealarm for my Acer laptop which as Windows 8 installed. Yes, I know about Windows 10, but I didn’t want to do the upgrade. Luckily, for the Chromebook that I am using has built-in security and I talk about that here.

Once you figured out what you want, then the next step is ensuring that you have a secured network and you are visiting trusted websites. Your network should be secured by WPA-PSK and with a passcode that should consist of upper/lower case words, numbers , and characters (*$&@%^ etc.). Make sure the website that you are visiting has ‘secure’ in green right next to the web address.

You, the consumer can purchase what you want and if you feel protected with what you bought, then good for you. That’s how it should be. But for those who are unsure, ask questions and never feel pressured into buying things that you have to second guess on.

Feel free to reach out with questions, concerns, or thoughts. Even if you feel uncertain about what to do with security, don’t hesitate. I want to hear from you!